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Dr. John Szivek, PhD

Chair, Orthopedic Research, Director Biomedical Engineering Program

Fri, 1/9/2009

Orthopaedics Basic Science Conference


John Szivek, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Orthopaedic Grand Rounds & Conferences

Tue, 12/8/2009
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Frontiers in Medical Research Seminar

Progress in the Development of Cartilage Regeneration Strategies

John Szivek, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Lutul D. Farrow, MD (nothing to disclose)
Frontiers in Medical Research Seminars

Wed, 4/6/2016
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Living Healthy with Arthritis Lecture Series

Building Better Joints … Recent Advances in Cartilage Regeneration

John Szivek, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Living Healthy With Arthritis Lecture Series

Thu, 9/12/2019
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 UAC Seminar

Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration Using Scaffolds and Adult Stem Cells

John Szivek, PhD (nothing to disclose)
UAC Seminars