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Psychiatry Grand Rounds

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Wed, 4/1/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

The Relationship between Video Game Violence and Adolescent Aggression

Elizabeth Brooks, BSW, MSW (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/25/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Quality not to standard.

Love, Anger and Food: Emotional and Relationship Factors Influencing Eating

Emily Butler, PhD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/18/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Art as Medicine: The Use of Creativity for Healing in Psychiatry

Kaysee Budd, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/11/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Social Relationships and Health: Research Overview and Practice Applications

David Sbarra, PhD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/4/2009
Video is not yet available.

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Not televised today

Wed, 2/25/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Military Sexual Trauma: Mandates and Treatment

Nadine Cole, PhD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 2/18/2009
Video is not yet available.

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Cancelled today

Wed, 2/11/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Art and Science in Psychotherapy: What Does the Research Say?

Richard R. Bootzin, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Barbara Prichard, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Michael Gann, PhD (nothing to disclose)
Hal Arkowitz, PhD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 2/4/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Parenting and Young Children's Emotional Competence

Kristin King, MA (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 1/28/2009

Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Postpartum Anxiety Disorders

Betsy Myers, DO (nothing to disclose)

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