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Surgery Grand Rounds

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Wed, 4/29/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Oral Presentations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Alfred Cohen, MD, FACS, FACSRS (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 4/22/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

The Annual Department of Surgery PGY IV and PGY V Research Overviews

Layla Lucas, MD (nothing to disclose)
Mohammad A. Heidari, MD (nothing to disclose)
Guillermo Higa, MD (nothing to disclose)
Jason Reynoso, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 4/15/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Healing Wounds and Preventing Amputations: A Marriage of Technology, Teamwork and Common Sense

Joseph L. Mills, MD, FACS (nothing to disclose)
David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 4/1/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Chief's Talk: Would You Like Some Cheese with That?

Mark Molitor, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/25/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Experience in Pediatric Kidney Transplantation

John Najarian, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/18/2009
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Surgery Grand Rounds

History of the Atlas of Surgical Operations

Robert M. Zollinger, Jr., MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 3/11/2009
Video is not yet available.

Surgery Grand Rounds

Not televised today

Wed, 3/4/2009
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Surgery Grand Rounds

A Glance into Traditional Navajo Beliefs: Breaking Taboos in the Modern World

Vanessa Jensen, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 2/25/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Chief's Talk

Cybil Corning, MD (nothing to disclose)

Wed, 2/18/2009

Surgery Grand Rounds

Clinical Trials: Design and Analysis

Randall S. Friese, MD (nothing to disclose)

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